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The best mountain biking company in Uganda and East Africa. Our packages are designed to cater to a variety of preferences, ranging from adrenaline-drenched biking safaris to slow-paced relaxing biking circuits. Whether you're booking for a large group or for a solo trip, come bike with us for a memorable experience!
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Let's see how beautiful Uganda is

Go on a virtual tour of the developing tourism industry in Uganda in its new local production "Uganda: Sustainable Tourism", documenting a six-year pilot project by the University of Manitoba's National Resources Institute.

Uganda at a Glance

Uganda’s superb natural attractions offer visitors some very special and memorable experiences. The country contains a rich diversity of terrain and wildlife, from the lush rainforests which clad the volcanic mountains in western Uganda, home of the magnificent mountain gorillas (a must-see), to the dry lands of Kidepo. 

Uganda is renown for its concentration of wild animals including the Big Five – the elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, and black rhinoceros – although populations have been dwindling under increased stress in recent times, particularly the rhino and the elephant. Over half of all African bird species can be found in Uganda, making it one of the best bird watching destinations in the world.

Ecologically, Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle. Where else but in this uniquely lush destination can one observe lions prowling the open plains in the morning and track chimpanzees through the rainforest undergrowth the same afternoon… learn more

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